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icm / week03 & 04

For this week’s assignment, we worked with rule-based animation, motion and interaction. My partner in crime this time was Jess and we did our separate projects at the same time. We had a good exchange because we both knew what we wanted to do and we were helping each other or reaching for help around the ITP floor.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 1.10.40 PM

I did a square based grid that changed the fill color of each square if the mouse was over it. To facilitate things, I wrote down in proper English what I wanted to do and then started to “translate” it to javascript. For sure one of the things that I didn’t realize and I had a big issue in the beginning was that the order that you put your code will make a difference. This was key point of the rollover animation that I wanted to do and once I got it figured out, I was able to move on and work on other aspects of the sketch.

I tested some other functions such as rotation and things got really interesting, but not exactly what I wanted:

You can check my final sketch here .


UPDATE: here’s my sketch using function, instead of putting all the code on draw.

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