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icm / week 07 – DOM + arrays

Hi there! Long time no see because I was really confused about functions, objects (constructor forms) and arrays – and DOM as well. but now I think I’m understanding them bette,r just need to practice more and watch some of Shiffman’s videos to catch up =)

So I kind of figured out how arrays work and I wanted to use them with the DOM exercise. I decided to create a gradient canvas in which the user can control the amount of red, blue and green on the screen and that this gradient value would vary with the width of the canvas.


I think it’s still confusing how DOM elements and the sketch integrate and they behave differently so sometimes I didn’t know how to fix some issues (ie if I put an html text, it won’t reload but will keep on writing over the last text, kind of messy).

It was nice to exercise a bit and get introduced to DOM, but it would be great if we could do some of the examples in class, going step by step.

You can check my sketch here.

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