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cws / midterm

cws-midterm_001For the midterm acoustic experiment I decided to make a sound installation that uses phase shifting to affect the spacial perception of the user. It consists on two sound sources that emit some kind of rhythmic sounds and their rhythm are slightly of one another.

I decided to use brass bells because of the resonance they have created the effect of phase shifting. Combining a little bit of what we learned at p-comp, I programmed two servo motors to dictate the pace, making the wooden cylinders hit delicately on the brass – in a way that people would stand being in between both.

I started prototyping the structure with cardboard, to see how the motor + wood + bell would work in a way that could be hanging from the ceiling. The laser cutter for sure was of great help and after I got the “enclosure” right, I did some final tweaks on the assemblage, specifically on the pace of each of the sound sources.

Then, when I got both objects assemble that I’ve realized a big problem over this installation: the servo motors were too close from the bells (and therefore the ears) and created a distinguished noise that was overlapping the resonance made with the hit.

Due to my limitations/lack of knowledge over prototyping, I believe this project can still go on as be my final project. I think there were some great points in this midterms: using non-digital oscillators to create a manipulated sound effect, being able to imagine a final enclosure to it and testing what I’ve imagined to see that it kind of work. I feel that I want this project to evolute to feel more like an installation, to think better about materials, sound sources and assemblage.

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