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icm / week08 – sound & video

for this week, I wanted to explore a little bit of what we were introduced in class: video and sound on p5. I also had a class this week about synthesizer sounds that we were questioned how to make the sound of the ocean on a digital software – and you can do it (as similar as possible, obviously is not the same thing) but raising the volume up and down a white noise.

so I decided I wanted to make a beach in which the water level would vary according to the person’s movement (captured by the webcam) and the closer the water leve is from the shore, the louder is the white noise.

I had some issues with the video capture, because it is not that smooth and I couldn’t perceive a pattern on how the user’s movement( left > right / back > forth ) was affecting the tide. It was a good exercise and I hope to explore more the sound usage on p5.

Here’s the sketch, move around and have some calming (but fun) time!

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