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icm + p-comp final / penelope

title Penelope

what is it A tapestry loom that weaves and unweave according to sunrise and sunset, referring to an excerpt of Homer’s The Odyssey in which Penelope delays an unwished fate by choosing to decide to which of her suitors she would marry once she finishes the burial shroud for Odysseus’s elderly father Laertes.


kickstarter point Although there’s a romantic aspect on this story, my interest in this passage of The Odyssey is focused on the fact that it exhibits women empowerment through subtle actions – specially in a mythological context in which the woman are not only submitted to fate, but also to the misogynous dominance of men over decisions.

description A tapestry loom that weaves when the sun rises and unweaves the same piece when the sun sets. The white thread on the loom refers to ancient greek burial rituals in which the deceased would be dressed in a full length white shroud – as if the closer the loom gets to have the piece done, the more Penelope is confined to her own imprisionement.


audience The audience of this work is every person interested in art, installations, conceptual work and mythology.

questioning pt1 Penelope weaves during the day and during the night, when there’s no one watching, she unweave it. When one of her maids accidentally sees her unweaving, she tells Icarus and Penelope is uncovered. I thought that maybe adding this to the installation in a way that if someone goes through the piece when it is unweave the loom would break…what you guys feel about this idea? Any other suggestions on how or if I should add this to the piece?



Ligia Pape – Ttéia 1C / Site-specific installation using steel wires and lighting in a room, creating a very aerial and immersive environment.

Clotho – CADU / Performance with two women (each one on a corner of a room) in which one does crochet while the other undoes it.


Falha – Renata Lucas / Site-specific installation in which the “flexibility” of the wooden objects are an invitation to the public to intervene and transform the piece.

Fragmented Memory – Phillip Sterns / woven tapestries made out of raw binary data from the computer/s physical memory.

questioning pt 2 any ideas on how I can automate the loom (it’s going to be a simple one)? how can make it more clear that the loom will only weave when is day and unweave during the night, considering the fact that the public won’t see it for the full 24hrs ?

I think most of my questionings are also a question over how far can we go with technology without being overwhelmed by it, finding a balance on creating a very dense installation without extrapolating on technological tool…help out, would love to hear your thoughts over it!!

Published in fall 2015 icm p-comp

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