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intro to fab / flashlight

this week we were introduced to driller/drill bits, how to use them and which one to use for specific materials or effects. it was very interesting to get to know techniques to drill other materials than wood.

for the assignment we had to build a flashlight and i decided to make a low tech flashlight with a match. so the idea is that you have to turn it on by flicking the support of the match, against a surface that makes it light up.

i had some issues to think how the mechanism would work and i was only able to make it when i started to prototype it. i started by doing the support to put the match, creating wholes to fit it inside it as well as some others to hold it on it and on the outside structure. as soon as I had the match fixed, I was able to see what kind of pieces I’d need and others that I didn’t.


I used  two different drill bits we had at the shop, one to make the whole to fit the match and the other to put the screws to assemble the flashlight. And then, when I started assembling it I’ve realized that some measures were slighty different than they should be. It was fine because I was able to be creative and see how to manage those, putting some foam where the piece was smaller and gluing a wood extension to the bigger piece.

it was a fun process to make it and it was good to understand how necessary it is to plan the project before starting to fabricate it. here’s a video of the flashlight working:


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  1. Very cool. Are you striking the match against sandpaper?

    I like the mechanism action in you project. And great working with the drawings, finished shots, and video. But I’d love to see some process shots as well.

    • gauirenata


      Actually no! It is some kind of substance/paint that was on the matchbox surface (guess this is not a light anywhere match). I agree with you that I have to improve my documentation through out the process, next project I will have more process pictures =)

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