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intro to fab / week 02 (or how not to trust the band saw)

for this week’s assignment we had to make multiples objects – focusing on how to make it, documenting the process and steps as much as possible. a little background: for my pcomp and icm final, i’m doing a weaving loom that weaves during the day and unweaves during the night. at first I wanted to make some loom heddles, but before the heddles i needed to make the loom frame and the structure(check for p-comp futures posts about the evolution of my loom). my last version of the loom was an open frame, in which you have combs that fit one another – so my multiples are the part of the comb and even though they are just rectangles, the process of making it was pretty different from what i thought it would be.

so I needed to get wood and went to Metropolitan lumber & hardware to get some plywood. i asked them to cut it in parts, which was better to transport (didn’t make the wood lighter though) but thoguht it owuld be a better idea to cut the smaller parts on the band saw that we have at the shop. not a good idea.


after i marked all the wood and cut all of the pieces, i’ve realized that they were not straight. all of them were banded (ha). which to fit, it wouldn’t be the best thing to be – so i had to file them in the power sander.

the bigger piece of wood in which i’d attach the smaller ones i cut on the bigger/vertical saw we have on the shop. because the piece was too small, it didn’t cut all of it on the first time; i had to turn it 180º and cut it again. kind of risky and didn’t cut exactly where it had cut before, so i had to file it.


great! next step: drilling and screwing. so i marked the foundation piece of wood, creating the space needed between them and also marked with a pencil where i needed to makes drills on the smaller pieces to 1) make the thread go by and 2) screw the screws. with the speed square was pretty easy to make the marks and be sure they would be on the right spots.


intro-to-fab_05i got some screws from the shop that i thought would be a good fit but they ended up being a little bit bigger than expected; i ended up just leaving them a little bit taller than the wood, which worked but it’s definitely not the finishing that i want for the final version. for now, all good, i have a functioning weaving loom!


now that i had the frame and the “comb”, it was time to assemble it all together. and that’s when i realized , after screwing everything, that i actually had to have a +1 small piece of wood. for the purpose of prototyping is fine, but for sure i have to work on my planning skills. part of the clumsiness of this project is due to my lack of planning of the project and improvising.



i’m also curious about the plywood, if there’s a way to prepare it to be used. i had some issues with tiny pieces of it acidentally cutting me or getting in my fingers. should i file all of it before using?

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