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penelope / weaving loom prototyping

i worked on the last two weeks on a prototype in different scales for the weaving loom. it’s been a very intense process of doing, testing, rethinking and doing a new version. i’ve never weaved before this but i have experience in manual crafts and though it wouldn’t be that hard to weave. it is not, but to think how a machine can weave is more challenging than expected for sure.

prototype 01. small, full weaving


successes – i was able to weave, the frame works well;

failures – was able to cross the thread on the horizontal axis, not in ther vertical axis.


prototype 02. alternate crossing, small (long) loom, test weaving



sucesses: was able to also make the threads vertical axis to cross

failures: using two wood pieces to alternate them lock the crossing in the middle of the weaving canvas.


prototype 03. big frame (actual size), test weaving



sucesses – the vertical axis crossing happened by just a back and forth movement;

failures – the crossing of the lines was not high enough to make the weaving to start at the top of the frame and i would lock the weaving if i have some kind of wood piece crossing the threads on the horizontal axis.


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