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intro to fab / week 04 – enclosure

this week homework was to build an enclosure and since i had to build an enclosure to my final project for cooking with sound class, i decided to make its enclosure! i needed to make an enclosure with some compartments because this project only works if i have my 1)computer with a software running on it; 2)headphones plugged on my computer,so that you can hear the sounds this patch is creating; 3)arduino board + breadboard, that reads all the values from three 4)sensors (a slide pot, a regular pot and a toggle switch) and send to the software.

i thought this would be a great opportunity to go and build it from scratch. so i started sketching this enclosure sandwich to understand the size of the pieces of wood and acrylic as well as how they all would fit in properly.

but summing up in a gif my day attempting to build an enclosure from an open box: i would need much more time and practice to make it from scratch to do the way i wanted to do.



so i took Ben’s advise and went to the container store and got this solid paper box:


this box came flat and with some holes to put pins and assemble the box. for this project, i knew i wanted to have the top of the box in acrylic, to have the sensors popping out of a reflective surface. so i used the lid of the box to cut out a surface that divides the box interior. i was able to create wholes on this new surface and attach them with the already existing wholes, creating this “layer” just for the arduino and the breadboard, leaving space for the wires circulate from the laptop to the arduino and vice-versa. i also did a whole on the front side of the box, through which the headphone wire came out.introtofab_04_06

then, i measured all of my sensors and screw sizes and tested slighty different measures on the laser cutter. this is definitely something worth doing because laser cutter cuts with acrylic are pretty tricky.


now that i have all my sizes ready, i was able to laser cut my acrylic lid and assemble it to the box.


tada! it actually needs some final tweaks because 1) the lid is loose / didn’t figure out how to put the bolts on the end of the screws to close the box, 2)the sides are a bit sag and therefore opening and 3) i haven’t figured out a way of opening the box without having to unassembled the whole box. i’ll work on this next week, let’s see how it goes!


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