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wearables / week 01

aaannd classes are back!

i.weave circuit

since carnaval is coming, i thought of doing something fun but i didn’t know exactly what. i went to the soft lab and started to look around the conductive materials and the fabrics & yarns they had there available to use.


i was very curious to use this copper mesh that i found there – it seemed like a good material to work with possibly a circuit that needed some kind of flexibility. inspired by it shape as well, i decided to make a chocker that when closed it turn an LED on.

at first i got some small fabric left-overs to be sure i was doing a functioning circuit: (

i had some issues with sewing the connection between the LED and the battery ebcause I started to make it with the conductive wire but it was not conductive enough to be a brigde between the led and the copper mesh. so after talking w teresa, i decided to try the polymer conductiver fiber and voilá – it worked !

then i went to my final version of it. i used some tutu as a base to sew the conductive fiber with the led and the copper mesh as well as to make a pocket for the battery.


and it worked! something very funny happened when i first put it on my neck: the copper mesh and the battery were not exactly touching each other so the LED would actually only be on when I spoke.




Sadly when I i tried to document it the copper mesh, although very flexible, is a material that has memory and was already loose in my neck. so i had to press the battery to close the circuit. not as fun but i think it was very interesting to see how the process of weaving a circuit can be more complex than expected.

ii. track of favorite garment


right after christmas / new year I bouhgt a black cashmere scarf that for sure is my favorite garment – and having a really bad memory, i’m hoping i don’t loose it soon . I bought it from Everlane and their tagline says it all: radical transparency. They are a brand that their main goal is to offer higher quality apparel knowing its precedent, where it came from etc. Knowing they are based in the US and at first most things that they sell are made in the us, I thought the cashmere would be american – but in fact, it was made in China. It is a very soft cashmere and the length of it is great to be used around your neck or as a fake cardigan/ over your arms. Also because it’s cashmere, it warms up really well and therefore i don’t have to over layer myself (i hate having millions of layers to be warm).

And I bought on a “pay what you want” sale. Best purchase of 2016 for sure!

iii. moodboard


the project that i intend to develop for this class has to do with bike and women. pretty much like the textile industry empowered women by being most of the time the bottleneck of the industrial revolution (like described on the article “Loosing the Thread”), learning how to ride a bicycle in the turn of the XXth century also empowered women in such a way that changes many behaviour habits/patterns. It was the first time women were actually free to commute independently, without needing anyone to take her somewhere. And also, because biking involves a lot of body movement, biking meant changes in fashion: women’s dresses became more lighter and less structured, giving them the flexibility needed to ride a bike.

in addition, after reading the “Wearable Electronics and Smart Textiles: A Critical Review” and searching for wearables focused on commuters I’ve also realized that scenario is very positive. we are in a moment that you see so many wearable technologies being thought, but it usually  goes to extreme contexts: it’s either functional (medical / nature / sportswear purpose) or form (conceptual fashion). thus, there’s a great opportunity of finding the in between those two, to associate daily life with (very)smart texiles and make it in a way that is integrated with it / doesn’t look or sound like an anomaly in your routine.

my goal in this project will be to make a smarter commute for women by associating everyday commute elements(apparel, devices, accessories and bikes) in a smart, integrated and responsive way.

looking forward to the next classes =)

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