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energy / solar energy

for this week’s assignment we had to build a solar powered robot. I’ve partnered with Yuan and we decided to do pedaling legs. Here’s is the second part of the documentation – the first part you can find on his blog post.


once we had the circuit to work, we started working on the fabrication / mechanisms of the pedaling legs. after looking into legs animations and mechanisms references (specially ), we were able to make a first prototype of the legs:



then we went to the final version. the problem was that we didnt think that the materials would be too much weight over the gear and therefore, when we tested the final version, it just twitched instead of making the full turn. But the motor was definitely doing the turn if we used something light like paper of felt:


and these are the values we got when we charged the capacitor on a sunny day with the PV cell:

capacitor: 4700 microfarads
energy storage capacitance: 0.36895 joules
timing capacitance: 4.7 microfarads
solar configuration: 02 PV panels in parallel
triggering voltage: 0.0781 V
power : 0.07379 watts

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