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wearables – week 07 / sizing it properly & choosing an aesthetic direction

/quick update from last last week

last last week I focused on making the circuit to work – servo, photocell and LED. and it worked. I started testing it with an Arduino Uno, but for the elbow patch I need to size it down, in a way that the whole circuit can be inside it. So I decided to try one of the sewable microcontrollers and use the technique of stacking up (Pibow is a good example) a soft and thick material to be sure the circuit would have all the elements in place and safely cushioned.

i tried using the arduino gema at first but for some reasons things didn’t work well – and in the end, I accidentaly shortened it while soldering wires on the board. a bit frustrated, I gave me a time out of this and restart with a clear mind.

/attiny 85

and so I decided to start with something a little bit more trickier to set but better on the size: a lilytiny board (sewable pcb with an attiny85). after setting the arduino software, I started doing some tests bootloading the microcontroller. one great thing about it is that the synthax is pretty much the same, so is just a matter of knowing which pins are digital and analog and pluging things properly.

I started making the separate actions to work: first the combo LED + photocell. it worked great:



and then I tried working with the servo motor. (ps: I ordered a servo that I’m very excited about using because it’s height is the same as a penny) and it’s not working properly. it looks like it is sending the signal, but there is not enough power to make it work the way it was on the arduino board. I’ve been talking with some colleagues that have done projects with attinys and servos, hopefully i’ll get this to work (with the tiny servo) this week.

/mood inspired

along with the circuitry, I was also thinking about the aesthetic of the patch…but I didn’t know how I wanted it to look. I knew I wanted to keep on working with the fringes + optic fiber , but i had no clue on what kind of fabric I wanted the structure to be.

and so I went to mood and got very inspired by a vinyl fabric they had there. it looks like a matte leather and as soon as i found it, it hit me – the elbow patch will be a luxury fashion statement,an haute-couture accessory for female commuters.



and so I tested a thinner fiber optic with the fringers – they light up better that the ones on the prototype, but I should test with more than one thread per whole to light it up more

and after talking with Viniyata (a dear ITPers friend), I found that I could find a lot of inspiration on Comme des Garçons Fall 2016 show in which Rei Kawakubo imagines punks on the 18th century, so inspiring! and I believe those two looks below are related to what I’ll try to reach within the next weeks.

/ next steps

  • finish circuit
  • test stacking technique with fabric
  • test vinyl
  • think interesting attachments systems
  • prototype
  • prototype
  • […]
  • prototype

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