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wearables / week 08 – keep it running

/ fringes

This week I kept on testing the fringes, using more fiber optic as well as reflective fabric. I cut the reflective ribbon in thinner ribbons and sew it in the back of the fringe. It gave the fringe more structure but lightning wise it didn’t make it brighter.

I also tested adding a second layer of optic fiber and it lights up better, but it’s still not too bright. I’m struggling to find a way of making this system to work (make the fringes brighter!) and therefore I’ll try to test to make the fringes with photoluminescent thread.

Personally I prefer the fiber optic aesthetic and I feel that the fiber optic can work if I add more layers but it also takes a lot of time due to the preparation process (cutting, sand papering, going through the fringe’s holes, gathering all fiber optic, glueing it and attaching to the LED – around 4 hours in a 5cm fringe).

/mini servo

my tiny servo arrived and I’m very excited about it! I started testing it with the Arduino Uno and it works great; with the Lilytiny I’m still trying to figure out what is happening because it doesnt look like its obeying the code (although it is spinning). I’ll reach for the residents and other students that have done prjects with servos and attinys this week.

I’ve also tested the stacking solution for the circuit and it works great! So for now, I’ll use the weird neoprene as my ~ enclosure ~ for the circuit

File_001 (1)


after doing some tests, I’ve realized that I’ll need at least 5V to power my circuit (specially because the servo needs at least 4.8V to work). I checked and the attiny can take up to 5.5V. I tested the circuit with the bench power supply and for some reason the servo was not driving any current – I guess this has to do with the buggy servo library for attinys, hopefully this will be fixed soon.

But in any case, it will be more likely that to power it up I’ll be using two 3V coin cells in series (~ 6V).

/how i forgot this?

so after I was working this week on the elbow patch I realized I had forgotten something very important… how am i going to turn the circuit on and off?!

I was mesmerized on how I just blanked it from my mind and since I started the project I’ve been biking more, so this week I was just observing my own movements to see what kind of movement I could do to turn it on/off. I’ll prototype a fingerless glove with some button within in to see how it feels because the hands seems to be the best place to put it (specially because there are some areas of it that you never touch).

so for next week my tasks are:

  • test photoluminescent fringe
  • get motor to work properly
  • make glove and test how comfortable it feels


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