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thesis – the female identity perception

since classes started, i’ve been reframing my question. i think my initial question (how performing daily routine actions can empower someone and help them build their own identity – in a individual and a community scale?) had a really big scope because i wasn’t sure what i wanted to focus on. since i started ITP, i’ve developed a big interest in expressing my concerns regarding women’s identity through my work. Penelope was about showing the power that the Odyssey character had through her weaving activity; Ha-mazan was about signaling that there is a women who bikes and she is present, strong and safe; In the silence of my lonely room is about defiguring the idea of vanity, by portraying the beautifying routine as a moment of powerfulness (to the point that it might cause annoyance). I also did two other concept projects that are about shedding light on different perspectives: interesse publico was a news search-engine tool that visually uniformed articles from different sources regarding the same topic, giving the reader the chance of making their own opinion; unlikely conversations was a concept project for data art, made in collaboration with Francesca, in which we imagined an art installation in which the audience is exposed to two american female writters POV regarding the same topic (ie feminism my toni morrison vs fenimism by gloria steinem).

so, there are two things that i’m really interested in: empowering females & exposing people different perspectives over a topic.

how can i reframe my initial question to put those two matters in them?

and with this in my mind, i started brainstorming more questions. i was more interested in rereading, rewriting my question as well as put my “inspiration” spasms together – and I tried to make a logic path from my original thinking to my new framing. Kind of like i was attempting to cook a tasty meal with whatever i had home.


this is how i came with my new question:

how can we shed light on the power of female identity through the way it is portrayed in opera?

after i had this reframe moment of my thesis, these the steps planned:

  • theoretical research regarding opera, opera & gender, female identity, performance;
  • talk with people that are doing projects related to female empowerment & opera;


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