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thesis – thoughts through informal talks

last week i talked with a few friends about our thesis and i think it was important to get closer to what i want to do, so here are a few interesting thoughts / references / comments:

  • wild men are celebrated, so why not celebrate the wild women?
  • “Cat on a hot tin roof”
  • is the wild woman repression related to a conception os promiscuity?
  • is my project trying to change the connotation of this “hate/repressor” speech?
  • subtly subverting what this speech carries
  • is it an active resistance piece?
  • what is the difference between the double-standards toward gender behavior? are there playful ways of creating juxtaposition of those?
  • are there interesting comparisons between male vs female characters?
  • how can you explore drama since it’s a remarkable characteristic of the opera?

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