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thesis – iteration spreadsheet analysis


after (finally!) ending my iterations, i had to make this spreadsheet to compare them through different aspects: intention, specification, interaction, feedback type, positive and negative aspects. i was trying to keep characteristics that i wanted to try through every iteration, but i feel like only after doing all of them i realized what are the characteristics of my final wearable device (in blue).

The characteristics I want my object to have:

  • looks like a regular apparel piece
  • suprise users / reveal something
  • approach the interruption through comic relief
  • in some way translate human emotion / expression such as disconfort or disagreement
  • be obvious for both users that it is reacting

My project will be a ruffle shirt neck that when detects a verbal microaggression will react to it by revealing the biting denture underneath the ruffles.

I’ll be focusing this week on the fabrication of this project having in mind a final version that works with my computer and an arduino uno. Currently I’m working with a python speech recognition library that does the analysis to find the microaggressions that is communicating with the arduino – that is controlling whatever output i want to.  Ideally it will be implemented on a raspberryPi and everything will be on python, but considering my timeline (and deadlines), I’ll be focusing on how to improve the system and the fabrication of it.

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