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Digital Climate Tartan – WIP

In this new collaboration with artist June Julian, we are using the Climate Crisis research data collected by Dr. Julian and Rodrick B. MacLennan from their work in the Scottish Hebrides. We will visualize their research data as classic Tartan patterns, which are traditionally representations of clans’ identities, translated into warp and weft and worn as a celebratory garment in Scottish festivities.

The tartan will visualize the data collected using Javascript. Once the pattern is created, it will be projected on top of a hanging woven fabric (60” by 162”), and mapped using a projection mapping software. The fabric will be pleated as quilts skirts usually are, frozen in time right before the wool weaved fabric is fastened around the body in the shape of a kilt skirt, inviting the audience to reflect & act upon the threats to coastal heritage.

This is a work that is still in progress, bellow you can find more information and progress of it.


Maggie Orth
Sergio Mora-Diaz
Águila Beige (Brown Eagle) by Aurèlia Muñoz
Text and Commentary by Beryl Korot
Infinite Weft by Diane Thorp and Jer Thorp

Initial Prototypes

High fidelity Prototype – data visualization

Installation Mockup

A fabric is hung from the ceiling and is pleated in a small part. An animated tartan pattern is mapped to it and projected on it.

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